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High School Basketball

The 2019 Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Basketball Camp



Every year in late October the Pangos All-East Frosh/Soph Camp sets up shop at the Riverwinds Community Center in South Jersey for an exciting 2-day Basketball Camp.  Some of the best young ballers from the East Coast are put together for a weekend full of nothing but basketball.  These types of camps bring the best out of players because they are all competing to make a name for themselves.  The Pangos Camp is facilitated by Dinos Trigonis, who you can see hustling down the sidelines making sure everything is going smoothly. This is our fourth year covering the camp and each year more and more talented young men pass through the doors to compete.

Founder and President of the Pangos conglomerate, Dinos Trigonis has been a staple in the Basketball world for a long time. Aside from running Pangos All American Basketball Camp He also runs and a many more basketball related events. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH 

Last year Patrick School phenom Jonathan Kuminga and Suffield Academy big man Micawber Etienne were named the camps Most Outstanding Players.  This year that award is up for grabs as this year it doesn’t appear there any clear-cut players who are the best prospects at the camp.  With every player playing hard it’s hard to determine who will make the Cream of the Crop games.  This camp is flooded with young talent who are hoping to impress the scouts that were littered around the gym.  The camp featured top 2022 and 2023 prospects and even included a handful of players from the 2024 class.

Chance Westry out of Trinity (Camp Hill, PA) is a walking bucket! He is as crafty a player as you’re going to see at the HS level. Expect his stock to rise in the next year or so. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH 

For the first day of camp players are broken up into teams where they would be met with fierce opposition from everywhere.  The camp culminates with two games which are essentially the All-Star games.  The Top 60 game, highlights players ranked 30-60 while, the Cream of the Crop Top highlight the best 30 players of the camp.  The games were all being Live Streamed by and there were many media outlets and scouts in the crowds.  Looking to catch the next best young players bursting onto the scene.

Lual Manyang is a young man with a bright future. At 6’10 with an incredible wingspan it was almost impossible to score on Him. The big man from Blair Academy will be terrorizing opponents at the HS level for the next 2 years. Watch his stock skyrocket in the next few years. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH

There were a lot of players who turned heads over the weekend.  Everyone played hard but there were clearly players who shined brighter than the rest.  Here is the short list of the players that we were impressed by (in no particular order or rank).  

SLiC Pangos All-East Standouts:

Chance Westry.  Class of 2022.  6’5 Trinity (Camp Hill, PA):  The silky smooth Westry can simply put the ball in the basket.  He moves exceptionally well without the ball and puts himself in great position to score the basketball.  He runs the floor well and has good handle for both guard positions.  It’s clear that he understands the game with a deeper understanding than his peers and it shows in his play.  He is going to be one of the best High Schoolers in the land in a few years if he keeps himself focused on working on his craft. @ChanceWestry

Kyle Cuffe Jr. was one of the best players at camp. He got to the rim any time he wanted to and finished most drives to the basket with an array of dunks. He’s a Soph at Blair Academy in NJ. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH

Kyle Cuffe Jr.  Class of 2022.   6’1. Blair Academy (Blairstown, NJ):  Kyle is a BALLER! He gets to his spots effectively and has a sneaky athleticism that would leave the opposition in an unflattering poster.  He has a great feel for the game and makes it look easy.  He will definitely be a player to watch on the Prep circuit and will be a big recruit when it’s his time.  @KyleCuffeJr5

Roddy Gale.  Class of 2022. 6’4. Lewiston Porter (Youngstown, NY):  The Sophomore out of the We R1 collective is on his way to a plethora of college offers.  So far he has garnered interest from Alabama, Oklahoma and Wake Forest to name a few.  At 6’4 he can score on larger opponents with ease.  He has the ability to play both the Point and Shooting Guard positions and has a great basketball IQ and puts himself in great spots on the court.  He has a knack for the game and just knows how to pick the opposition apart slowly.  He is freakishly explosive and gets to rim anytime he wants to.  He was awarded Co-Most Outstanding Player for the camp and it was a title that was earned by working hard.  @RoddyG_23

Perry Smith Jr.  Class of 2022. 6’9.  Legacy Early College (Greenville, SC):  Smith Jr. looks like he may be a pro prospect.  At 6’9 he handles the ball like a guard and can easily destroy his peers.  He runs the floor like a gazelle and can finish around the rim with either hand.  I want to see Smith get more assertive in calling for the ball.  At times it appeared as though he was the most talented player on the court but was’t making his presence felt.  Once he gets that killer instinct he will be unstoppable and easily one of the best players in the country from his class.

Elijah Jones. Class of 2022. 6’8. Pleasantville (NJ):  Jones is going to have a bright future.  At 6’8 he has good size to excel at the High School level and beyond.  He runs the floor well and has a good touch around the rim.  He plays the game with a healthy mixture of an inside and perimeter attack.   He has a great support system and good people in his corner and that’s very important.  He is poised and ready to take the country by storm.  Look out for him.  @elijahjon3s

Isaiah Earl.  Class of 2022. 6’8. Lee Academy (Lee, ME):  Isaiah Earl is a special player who will make some college coach very happy in the future.  He can score in bunches, defends well and just plays the game hard every possession.  He has a huge up side and will get a tremendous amount of attention because he does the dirty work of rebounding, blocking shots and causing defensive havoc on the court.  Look out for him he will be making waves on the national scene very shortly.  @cbg_isaiah

Rodney Rice. Class of 2022. 6’4.  Bullis School (Clinton, MD):  Rice was impressive during the Pangos All East Camp.  He proved that he can shoot from the perimeter and was explosive when the situation called for it.  He was an exceptional rebounder from the Guard position and grabbed some big rebounds over larger opponents.  He works well in transition and has great decision-making skill while on the break.  He currently holds about a half dozen or so offers and is expected to generate more buzz as time passes. @rodney.rice1

Khalif Crawley Jr. Class of 2022. 6’7. Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia, PA):  Crawley plays each possession with a chip on his shoulder.  The 6’7 Forward can run the floor well and has a good touch around the paint.  He has nice footwork and an impressive mid-range jumper and will impress college scouts with his attitude toward improving his game.  He was named Co-Most Outstanding Player of the camp.  Look out for this young man…. He’s on his way.  @yxng.deuce

Jadah Mintz put on a show at camp and was selected as one of the Top 30 players at camp. He’s good… Really good. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH

Judah Mintz. Class of 2022. 6’4. Gonzaga College HS (Washington, DC):  Mintz can flat out hoop!  He can play either guard position with ease.  Very shifty and elusive with the basketball.  He finishes well in traffic and always makes the extra pass to find open teammates.  He doesn’t force up shots and knows how to pick and choose his spots.  He’s going to be in the national spotlight very soon. @Judah.Mintz

Lual Manyang.  Class of 2022.  6’10. Blair Academy (Blairstown, NJ):  Manyang is a tall kid who does all of the dirty work.  He rebounds, blocks shots and protects the rim.  He has a solid work ethic and appears to work hard on every possession.  He has an extremely long arm reach and it’s almost impossible to get up a shot over him.  @Lual_Manyang

Jared Dingle.  Class of 2023. 6’1. The Academy (Hempstead, NY):  Dingle is on his way.  The Freshman impressed at the Pangos All East Frosh/Soph Camp and made the Top 60 Cream of the Crop Game.  His best asset is his basketball IQ.  He has a natural feel for the game and knows how to control a game.  He is very mature for his age and plays the game the right way.  He can handle to ball, shoots well and plays smart when he’s on the floor.  He’s going to be a problem in the years to come.  Stay tuned to the Jared Dingle show.  His buzz is about to go through the roof.  @IamJDingle

We want to say thank you to Dinos Trigonis and the entire Pangos staff for all of the hospitality over the weekend.  Please be sure to check out the other regional camps run by Pangos and stay up to date on everything going on by clicking on the website  I look forward to covering more elite High School camps like this one.  Stay Tuned.

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High School Basketball

My Brothers Keeper: Andre and Marcus Jackson



Albany Academy’s Andre and Marcus Jackson grew up competing against each other since day one.  The brothers would always push each other for greatness and that alone was the driving force to the success they are having now.  The two brothers played together informally and in rec leagues growing up, but until Marcus enrolled at Albany Academy, they’d never been on the same team at an organized level.  The elder Jackson, currently a four-star recruit is ranked #52 on ESPN’s top 100 list and has committed to the UConn huskies next season.  The younger brother Marcus is currently a Junior and on his way to catching the attention of a lot of division 1 schools himself.  Both are currently striving to bring their school a state title and bring some respect to the upstate New York basketball scene.h

Andre Jackson is a ESPN Top 100 player of of Albany Academy. He’s committed to UConn and will be an immediate contributor to the Huskies. Photo Courtesy Of Cal Griffin/ATH

Albany Academy took the trip to New York City to compete in the Empire Invitational.  A compilation of the region’s best basketball teams suited up and tested their teams against great non-conference opponents.  Albany Academy would be matched up against a tough NYC opponent in Cardinal Hayes High School.  Both teams fought a good fight but in the end, it was The Albany School who would walk away victorious.  Although Andre Jackson would capture the headlines most of the time, it was his younger brother Marcus who would earn MVP honors.

It’s all about winning for me, the individual awards are cool and all but at the end of the day it’s all about getting a W for the team

Marcus Jackson

Andre Jackson gave the Empire Invitational crowd some highlights to remember him by in the form of some thunderous dunks.  Marcus complimented his brothers play and actually led the way for Albany Academy with a stat line of 23 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists.  He was solid on the defensive end and caused havoc for his opponents throughout the game.  When they announced that he had won the MVP award, his teammates, including his brother, all rallied around him and celebrated like they all just won the award.  “It’s all about winning for me, the individual awards are cool and all but at the end of the day it’s all about getting a W for the team”. Says Marcus Jackson.  Both brothers have bright futures ahead of them and we’ll keep our eyes glued on both as they develop their games further.

Marcus Jackson came hope with the MVP at the Empire Invitational. Photo courtesy of Cal Griffin/ATH

Next season you can catch Andre in a UConn uniform as he has already committed to play for Danny Hurley and the Huskies.  His upside is tremendous, already blessed with the tools it takes to be a great college player.  He can absolutely jump out of the gym and has a solid handle and quickness that he’ll use to carve his Big East opposition.  He’ll even have a shot at the pros if he can work on some key things with his game.   He’ll need to work on his decision making and play smarter with the ball in his hands.  In college, possessions are very valuable and converting is key.  He also must work on his outside shooting.  Once he can knock down a consistent mid-range jumper he’s going to be impossible to guard.

Marcus has the rest of the season and next year to get better.  He is already an incredible defensive player and if he can use that for leverage he’ll get some great schools knocking on his door.  I can’t wait to see how he matures.  

Thank you to both brothers for their time during the interview and wish them nothing short of the best.  Make sure you follow Marcus @Marcus_.Jackson and @AndreJackson5 on Instagram to tune in to their story.  

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