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College Football

Joe Burrow’s Six Touchdowns Lift LSU Past Clemson to Become National Champions



Now that we know the ending to Joe Burrow’s storybook year, it is safe to say that the LSU quarterback just put together the greatest season in the history of College Football.

After setting countless single-season records, Burrow won the Heisman Trophy and led the LSU Tigers to a perfect record and the SEC Championship.

Still, none of that would have been complete if Burrow didn’t get the job done and win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Yet that is exactly what he did Monday night, leading his team past the defending champion Clemson Tigers.

Any good champion does not go down without a fight and Clemson really made Burrow work to get this victory.

Early in the game, Clemson’s defense forced Burrow’s offense to punt on their first three drives.

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence got his team on the board first, running for a touchdown on the goal line after a long 67-yard drive.

Clemson put together a great game plan to combat LSU’s passing attack, but with each passing drive, Burrow began to figure out how to attack the holes in their defense.

The biggest hole proved to be A.J. Terrell or anyone else on Clemson’s defense trying to cover Ja’Marr Chase downfield.

Chase proved to be the difference-maker that unlocked the Tigers offense, as Burrow continued to beat the blitz by finding his sophomore wideout on deep bombs.

By the end of the game, Chase had nine catches for 221 yards, including two touchdown grabs.

After LSU’s first touchdown, Clemson was able to score a touchdown and kick a field goal to actually take a 17-7 lead at one point in the second quarter.

It was actually the first time in LSU’s remarkable season that they were down by double-digits.

Yet Burrow continued to come alive, hitting Chase for another deep throw in that quarter, connecting on 56-yard completion that set up an eventual touchdown run for the quarterback.

Burrow went on to hit Chase for another touchdown pass in the second quarter to take the 21-17 lead. From that point on, LSU would not look back.

With just over three minutes remaining in the half, Clemson had LSU pinned on their own five-yard line and were hoping to get one last shot at taking the lead before the half.

Burrow went on to lead his team on a 11-play, 95-yard drive that took up nearly all of the remaining time left in the half. He capped off that drive by finding tight end Thaddeus Moss for a touchdown.

Clemson continued to fight in the second half, scoring a touchdown on their first possession and converting the two-point conversion to cut LSU’s lead to 28-25.

In the end though, LSU just had too much talent to be stopped, as their defense did not allow another point and Burrow continued to find the end zone.

Randy Moss’ son made the most of his five catches, as Thaddeus had 36 yards receiving and two touchdowns.

Finally Burrow delivered the closing dagger that clinched the National Championship, finding Terrance Marshall on a 24-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Burrow celebrated the touchdown by pointing to his ring finger, as he knew the job was done and the LSU Tigers were set to become National Champions.

In the last game of his now storied collegiate career, Burrow completed 31 of his 49 passes for 463 yards and five touchdown passes.

LSU not only finished off just the second 15-0 season in the history of college football, but they also beat the team that had the first one just last year. Ending Clemson’s nation-best 29-game winning streak.

Now Joe Burrow is off to the NFL, where he will undoubtedly be the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

Luckily for Burrow, he will be returning to his home state of Ohio, as the Cincinnati Bengals have the first overall pick.

Meanwhile LSU gets to enjoy their second perfect season in school history and their fourth National Championship in the AP poll era.

College Football

NFL May Play Games on Saturday if College Football is Cancelled



Of all the professional sports leagues impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL has been the one best positioned to keep operations going as planned up to this point.

Due to timing, the NFL has been able to take advantage of their calendar by continuing their offseason as planned, through the use of virtual technology. Free agency took place on time, as did last week’s NFL Draft.

The league has had the luxury of time on their hands to plan for their season and plan to play games on schedule when the time comes. However the actual scheduling of the games could be different than ever before.

The chances of packing NFL stadiums with upwards of 60,000 screaming fans this fall appears to be a pipe-dream at this point. Instead the league is going to be playing games without fans and will instead need to profit solely off their television contracts.

One way to make more money through television would be to schedule games for both Saturday and Sunday, leaving more primetime slots available to be filled on networks with NFL games.

The NFL will usually hold off on scheduling any Saturday games until the end of the season, when College Football is no longer being played.

But since there is a good chance that the NCAA simply postpones this season, that opens the door for the NFL to take advantage of the hole in Saturday programming.

While the difference in playing an NFL and a college game may not seem to be that stark, the NFL is better positioned to play a season than the NCAA. The reason being that their players are adults that are getting paid, rather then kids who could be put at risk.

Also the NCAA relies more heavily on their gate at the games than the NFL does, especially when you consider the operation costs for well over 100 teams that play in college compared to the 32 in the NFL.

At this point, everyone is just trying to figure out how to get sports to resume during these uncertain times. With that being said, the NFL is sure to get a ton of viewers if they can air games all weekend starting this fall, without college to compete with.

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The BIG All-Star Experience | Powered By: SLiC Studios



2020 All-Star Weekend in Chicago was an instant classic | Powered By: SLiC Studios

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College Football

Superstar RB Travis Etienne Announces Return to Clemson for Senior Season



Coming into this season, many thought it was a foregone conclusion that Clemson running back Travis Etienne was going to enter the NFL after he became eligible this year.

Etienne has been one of the best running backs in the nation over his three years at Clemson, making him a surefire top pick in the NFL Draft.

So when Etienne posted a statement to Twitter, many assumed it would be to announce the end of his Clemson career.

Instead Etienne has decided to stay at Clemson for his senior season and try to win another national championship with the Tigers.

Etienne, 20, came to Clemson in 2017 and rushed for 766 yards and 13 touchdowns. Then as a sophomore, Etienne had a breakout season that saw him rush for 1,658 yards and 24 touchdowns.

This season, Etienne added another dimension to his game, becoming a reliable pass-catcher out of the backfield for Trevor Lawrence. Etienne had 37 catches for 432 yards, while still rushing for 1,614 yards on the ground.

Many thought that Etienne would be considered the top running back prospect in the draft, as Pro Football Focus College had him ranked as the top back in the nation this year.

Now Etienne returns to Clemson, where he hopes to win his second championship in three years, but also risks a lot in that pursuit.

As high as his stock was, there really isn’t anything Etienne can do to raise his profile more heading into next year’s draft. He is also risking injury by playing another season in college before the guaranteed money in the NFL.

Hopefully Etienne has a healthy and productive year and can still hold that level of ranking when it is time to enter the 2021 NFL Draft next year.

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