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Athletes and Sextapes. 13 Athletes you didn’t know had Sextapes.



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When cavemen discovered that they could draw images on the walls of their caves it was a pretty big deal. Centuries later the video camera was invented and it took no time at all for people to begin documenting EVERYTHING they did, including what they did in their bedrooms. There are numerous examples of pornographic films dating back to the invention of moving pictures.

These days everybody has access to videotaping devices from camcorders to cell phones. Naturally, more and more people are using this technology to record sex.  Unfortunately, amateur directors and actors don’t always take consequences into account. We read about leaked videos and embarrassed participants on a daily basis it seems. These videos lead to all sorts of unintended results such as lost jobs, broken relationships and even blackmail.

Sex tapes have also been used to propel some attention seekers into the spotlight. Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson boosted their fame thanks to their widely seen exploits on film. Kim Kardashian upped her stock while Paris Hilton did the same.

People just need to realize that by participating in such activities, they open themselves up to potential trouble. Making sex tapes has almost become cliché. We are no longer “shocked” when our favorite celebrity, or athlete is discovered to have taped themselves having sex.

Here is a list of 13 athletes that you didn’t know had sex tapes.Continue Scrolling To Keep Reading

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13Kazuhito Tadano

He was in college and struggling with his bills. Desperate for money, he did what most industrious up and coming athletes would do. Japanese-born pitching prospect Kazuhito Tadano made an adult video. This decision caused him to be shunned by the Japanese leagues so he tried to establish a career in the United States. After being brought in by the Cleveland Indians as a free agent in 2003, Kazuhito addressed the media about his foray into film. He expressed regret and described the incident as a one-time event that would not be repeated.

Tadano was unable to find success in the Major Leagues due to inconsistent play and a string of injuries. He took his talents back to Japan where he was drafted by the Nippon Ham Fighters in 2008. He recently made headlines for his use of the “Eephus Pitch” which is rarely thrown. He appears to have a stable career in the Japan and has put his embarrassment behind him.

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Harden Records Second Straight Game Of 50+ Points, 10+ Threes As Rockets Rout The Magic




Houston Rockets guard James Harden has been on fire all season and shows no signs of slowing down.

Harden had his second straight game of 50+ points and 10+ three-pointers as the Rockets blowout the Orlando Magic 130-107 on Friday’s contest.

Harden, who leads the NBA in scoring at 39.3 points per game, scorched the Magic’s defense with 55 points and 10-15 shooting from the three-point arc.

The scoring outburst comes just two days after Harden scored 54 points on 10 three-pointers in Wednesday’s win over the Cavaliers.

The Rockets also shot 22-39 from three as a team, setting a franchise record for the most three-point makes by an Orlando opponent.

The Magic never had a chance in the contest and were unable to close the gap after a 10-point halftime deficit.

Orlando guard Evan Fournier was the lone bright spot, leading the team with 27 points.

With massive scoring efforts night after night, Harden has once again returned himself to the MVP conversation, hoping to win the award for the second time since 2018.

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Lebron James, Anthony Davis Lead Lakers Over Heat




With the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat being two of the NBA’s hottest teams this season, their matchup had all the makings of a heavyweight fight.

The results were anything but disappointing.

On Friday night, All-NBA forwards Lebron James and Anthony Davis cooled off the Heat in the Lakers’ 113-110 road victory, snapping Miami’s home winning streak at 11.

James flirted with a triple-double, recording 28 points, 12 assists, and 9 rebounds, while Davis provided 33 points and 10 rebounds.

The duo was vital down the stretch, each making critical plays to stunt Miami’s comeback efforts.

Heat forward Jimmy Butler’s three-point attempt to tie narrowly missed in the final seconds. However, the NBA would announce after the game Butler was fouled twice on the play.

Butler lead Miami in scoring with 23 points, while Derrick Jones Jr. added 17 points and some high-flying dunks.

The Lakers are now tied with the Milwaukee Bucks for the overall record in the NBA at 23-3.

With the combination of James and Davis being nearly unstoppable this season, the Lakers have become the favorite for this year’s NBA title.

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Leonard, George Combine For 88 Points In Clippers’ Win Over Timberwolves




Offensively, All-Star forwards Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are hard enough to stop on their own.

Together, it’s nearly impossible.

Leonard and George scored a combined 88 points in Friday night’s 124-117 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves, marking the fourth-straight victory for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Leonard scored 42 points while shooting a career-best 19-19 from the free-throw line, while George added 46 points along with seven assists.

The duo’s scoring onslaught was the first time in Clippers history two teammates scored 40+ points in the same game and only the 21st occurrence in NBA history.

The Timberwolves pair of stars in Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins also combined for a fantastic offensive performance, with Towns putting up 39 points and 12 rebounds, and Wiggins contributing 34 points.

Minnesota was able to storm back from a 21-point deficit to cut the Clippers lead to four with a minute left but ultimately couldn’t seal the deal, resulting in the Timberwolves’ seventh-straight loss.

With Leonard and George’s chemistry improving every game, the Clippers are proving to be one of the best teams in the West.

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