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  • Crucial Loss for Sixers in game 3
  • Each of these guys had 2 of the best statistical seasons of all time. Who gets the MVP?
  • Will any of these team pull off an upset and make it to the next round?
  • Is PJ Tucker the NBA’s Sneaker King? If not, who is? Montrezl Harrell?
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  • Will Jalen get his wish next season? He went to the national championship the last 3 season with Bama before transferring to Oklahoma.
  • How far do the Raptors have to go in the playoffs to convince Kawhi to sign long term in Toronto?

Repost: @bambambam.99
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  • Professional Scorers
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  • Tough toss for the Warriors losing Boogie to a quad injury in the 1st quarter of last nights game against the Clippers. Big man was starting to look like his old self. Next man up

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