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Fantasy Christmas Gift 2018: Purses for Every Sport





No matter which sport your fashion and sports lovin’ friends/family/self loves most there is a purse that should be on your Christmas wish list this year! Andrea Beargart has created the purse for every sports fan!

Andrea Bergart is an amazing artist who lives and works in New York City. Bergart’s paintings reference diverse visual traditions including African textiles, urban fashion, outlines on playing fields and basketball courts and geometric abstraction. Her involvement in fashion and Downtown Girls Basketball (an all-women basketball community) inspired her to design her basketball handbags, as well as paintings and solar prints highlighting WNBA and NBA players and culture.

Bergeart received a Fulbright Scholarship to Ghana, West Africa where she researched the bead and textile industries, and has participated in artist residency programs in Senegal and Kenya. Most recently, she received a US embassy grant to travel to the United Arab Emeritus.  Bergart’s work has been exhibited in New York, California, New Orleans, Boston and the UK and was included in the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Her unique and gorgeous basketball bag caught my eye on Instagam (@andreabeargart) and after purchasing one and wanting to take it virtually everywhere I can’t recommend them, or their other sports counterparts, enough!

Every football, basketball, soccer fan etc needs one of these to carry at games and beyond!

Everywhere my personal bag has gone from Knicks game, to Houston Rocket’s players shoe launches (where the whole team clamored to sign the bag) to a celebrity basketball game, to a Utah v. Golden State match up the bag has drawn attention! Every player loves it and every fan wants one for themselves! It is truly a game changer – pun intended.

You can shop Andrea’s bags here.

We are also so in awe of this cool project Andrea is working on.

Call Your Ball Friends (CYBF) is a YouTube channel where women artists shoot hoops and discuss art. The goal is to foster dialogue between women artists and the communities in which they make their work.

Created by Cecilia Salama and Andrea Bergart, who are teammates on the court and fellow artists in the downtown art scene.

By presenting artwork with basketball as a foil, the hope is to add to the discussion around contemporary art. The desire is to show women as competent and strong participants in the art world and on the court.

Artists are asked to bring one artwork to the court and discuss how the new environment on the playground modifies their work, and any parallels they see between art making and sports. Other topics include the artist’s routines/obstacles, their sources of inspiration, fashion and any aspects of the neighborhood that influence their creative process.

Check out their videos here.

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Why Hockey Jerseys Need to Be Apart of Your Wardrobe




Hockey is a fast-paced game filled with incredible skating and stick skills, big hits, and widely accepted mid-game brawls. With die-hard fans and over 100 years of tradition, there’s little to not love about the Canadian-based sport.

Yet, there is one particular aspect of the sport that needs to demand more of your attention: their jerseys.

Whether you’re going out with your friends, attending a sporting event, or just looking to wear something comfy around the house, there’s no shortage of occasions to wear a hockey jersey.

Athletes, celebrities, and fashion outlets like fashion icon Rihanna, NBA player Mike Scott, and famous brand Hypebeast have started to add hockey jerseys in their wardrobes, and there’s plenty of good reason why.

Hockey jerseys allow the most creative freedom of all major sports uniforms with their massive logos, long sleeves, and uniform design. With a nearly unlimited amount of combinations, there is always a jersey perfect for your next big fashion statement.

In addition, the physical structure and compatibility of hockey jerseys make them far superior to the jerseys of other major profession sports.

Since the creation of the NHL, teams have put their logos on the front of their jerseys with the numbers only seen on sleeves and the back. The number placement is a massive benefit fashion-wise, as it better expresses the great colors and patterns of the logo on the front and provides a more complete look than other jerseys.

Hockey jerseys also have the flexibility to be worn in a multitude of ways. Whether it is worn straight up or with a hoodie, there is an excellent balance of it being a warmer, comfortable shirt while still providing the same qualities of a vibrant sweater.

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However, even with all of their great qualities, hockey jerseys are still underutilized. Hopefully, that trend soon begins to change, as fashion overall would greatly benefit from its further integration.

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Snoop Dogg Unapologetic in Kansas Concert Scandal




On October 4th, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg performed at Kansas’ Late Night at the Phog, a kickoff event for their Men and Women’s basketball teams. However, his concert did not come without backlash.

In front of what was supposed to be a family-friendly audience, Snoop Dogg cut no profanity from his lyrics, brought out a woman on a stripper pole, and shot fake $100 bills into the crowd with a money gun.

Naturally, the university was less than pleased with the concert. Kansas athletics director Jeff Long claimed they “expected a clean version of the show” after discussions with Snoop Dogg’s management before the performance. Long extended a “personal apology to those of were offended.”

Kansas Men’s basketball head coach Bill Self also voiced his displeasure with Snoop Dogg’s performance.

However, Snoop Dogg claimed he had “the time on his life” on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Tuesday, and is anything but apologetic.

Snoop Dogg went on to say that the crowd loved the show, and the university should know better, as “When you pay for Snoop Dogg, you’re going to get Snoop Dogg.” Snoop also denied the report that he was forced to leave campus immediately after the show.

Meanwhile, raunchy concert only distracts from the real controversy Kansas athletics is facing. Recently, the university was charged with five Level I and two Level II violations from the NCAA, including “Lack of institutional control.” The allegations targets both the Football and Men’s basketball programs.

While Kansas has good reason to be upset over Snoop Dogg’s performance, the university should worry more about cleaning up their athletics than censoring their performers.

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Last week, Jordan brought out some of the best high school hoop talent in the greater Los Angeles area for the Jordan XXXIV Sneaker release.

Teams coached by Baron Davis & Chris Matthews ( aka @lethalshooter ) battled in an All-Star game format that ended up getting super competitive as it came down to the wire. The game took place in downtown Los Angeles on the rooftop of the Air Jordan store.

Los Angeles seems to be in the lead as far as producing basketball talent. So many young stars and current NBA players come out of Southern California.

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