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Mitch Trubisky Continues to Struggle, as Bears Lose to the Eagles on the Road




The Chicago Bears had some high hopes coming into this season, with a legitimate Super Bowl-caliber defense.

Unfortunately for the Bears, quarterback Mitch Trubisky has taken a big step back in this third season, failing to lead the offense to much success.

Playing against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Trubisky struggled mightily, completing just 10 of his 21 passes for 125 yards. He also failed to throw or rush for a touchdown.

The Bears were held to just 164 total yards of offense and did not get on the scoreboard until there was just six minutes remaining in the third quarter.

David Montgomery rushed for two second half touchdowns for the Bears and their defense kept them in the game, but it proved to be too little too late.

Chicago is now sitting at 3-5 on the season, after dropping each of their last four games. They now sit far out of the division race in the NFC North, with little time to turn their season around.

If the Bears keep on losing, you have to wonder if Chicago will take another quarterback in the draft this year, as Trubisky does not seem like the answer.


Everything You Need to Know About Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout




Colin Kaepernick’s absence from the NFL has been an ongoing saga, which took another turn on Saturday with his workout to get back in the league.

Really the events of this day became a microcosm of the past three years, as Kaepernick’s actions were once again the controversial topic of conversation.

One conclusion can be drawn from what we saw unfold. Kaepernick wants to be back in the NFL, but he is not willing to compromise his personal values and opinions to make that happen.

Kaepernick was scheduled to work out in front of 25 NFL teams at the Atlanta Falcons facility at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Instead of showing up for the NFL-sanctioned event, Kaepernick announced that he would be holding his own workout 60 miles away at a high school in Riverdale, Georgia.

The reason for the change was because Kaepernick and his representation felt that the NFL’s workout was not “transparent”, failing to allow media in to cover the event.

Basically the NFL was allowing Kaepernick to work out in front of teams in a completely controlled environment.

They were filming the workout to show to all teams, but by keeping the media away, they were protecting themselves against any statement Kaepernick may have chose to make.

Instead of abiding by the NFL’s plans, Kaepernick agreed to their workout only to change the location at the last minute and hold his own workout.

This allowed any teams that had real interest in his services a chance to watch him play, but ended any charade that he was getting an opportunity if one really wasn’t presenting itself.

Kaepernick was also then allowed to bring his own people in for the workout, as former teammates and friends showed up to support the controversial quarterback.

This setup also allowed video access to the public, so that Kaepernick could showcase his skills to the world through social media.

Most of the people that attended the workout agreed that Kaepernick still looked like he can play football at a high level.

Whether he is still a starting quarterback talent in the NFL is up for debate, but being good enough to have a job is not in question after the way he performed.

There was reportedly representatives from the Washington Redskins, the New York Jets and the Kansas City Chiefs at the workout, with no other teams having a known scout in attendance.

Kaepernick apparently told those scouts that, “When you get back, tell your owners to stop being scared.”

The former San Francisco 49er had a message to get across by this workout and he clearly delivered that in his own way.

Regardless of what your opinion on Colin Kaepernick is, it likely won’t change after the events of Saturday’s workout.

If you hate Kaepernick, his refusal to adhere to the NFL’s rules with this workout will only support those feelings of disdains for the ex-quarterback.

If you stand by Kaepernick and support his activism, then this bold statement he made will only garner more love and adoration as he continues to put his cause above his career goals.

In the end, Kaepernick was successful in making it clear why he is no longer in the NFL.

Kaepernick has made it known that he still has the talent and desire to play in the NFL when the opportunity is granted to him. At the same time, Kaepernick is not going to compromise his beliefs to make that happen.

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College Football

Oklahoma Completes Biggest Comeback in School’s History to Beat Baylor




The Baylor Bears came into this week as one of the most impressive teams in College Football this season.

They had an undefeated 9-0 record and were suddenly ranked as one of the top teams in the nation, receiving a No. 13 ranking in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

Facing their biggest test of the season, the No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners, Baylor looked primed for a statement victory as they were up big in the first half.

Jalen Hurts had a rough first half for the Sooners, turning the ball over twice and failing to play to his usual high standards.

Hurts’ lowest point came when he threw a pick-six that gave Baylor a commanding 28-3 lead.

Baylor quarterback Charlie Brewer really outplayed Hurts in the first half, leading the Bears to a 31-10 lead going into halftime.

Oklahoma scored first in the second half, scoring a touchdown on their first drive.

Unfortunately for Hurts, his turnover woes followed him into the third quarter, as he made a huge mistake fumbling in the end zone on what would have been a huge touchdown for the Sooners.

Despite making it hard on himself, Hurts never quit and found a way to lead his team back into the game late.

Oklahoma’s defense has not been great all year, but they found something in second half against Baylor and kept the Bears at bay.

The Sooners defense allowed Hurts to rebound from his past mistakes, scoring two-straight touchdowns to tie the game at 31 points apiece.

After the Sooners tied the game, all of the momentum was in their favor and it seemed inevitable that they would come out with the victory.

It ultimately came down to a game-winning field goal, which Oklahoma kicker Gabe Brkic drilled.

By coming back from down 21 points, Oklahoma completed the largest comeback in the school’s illustrious history.

When it was all said and done, Hurts’ numbers still looked really strong as he continued his Heisman case with another gaudy performance.

Oklahoma’s College Football Playoff hopes all but went out the window when they were upset by the unranked Kansas State program a few weeks back.

Still, they are in great position to win a Big 12 Championship, as thay are now just one win away from clinching a spot in the championship game.

The Sooners could very well be meeting the Bears again in that game, as Baylor is tied with Oklahoma for first place in the Big 12 standings.

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College Football

Tua Tagovailoa Out for the Season with Dislocated Hip




It was just another game day for the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday, as they were drumming an inferior opponent to an early blowout.

Playing the 4-5 Mississippi State Bulldogs, Alabama jumped out to a huge 35-7 lead behind the play of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

While the game was already in hand, Tua remained on the field and then disaster struck as Alabama’s superstar quarterback sustained a devastating injury.

Tua had to be carted off the field with what would later be diagnosed as a dislocated hip. He was said to have left the field screaming in pain.

Nick Saban discussed the decision to keep him in the game at halftime, after potentially watching his quarterback play for the Crimson Tide for the last time.

After the game it was reported that Tua’s season is over because of the dislocated hip, which effectively ends his career at Alabama.

Tua’s last game at Alabama was a good one prior to the injury, as he completed 14 of his 18 passes for 256 yards and two touchdowns.

This injury also ends his Heisman case, as Tua will no longer get to finish what was a great season up to this point.

Through nine games played, Tua had 2,840 passing yards and 33 touchdowns, with just three interceptions thrown.

Tua Tagovailoa’s career got off to the most incredible of starts, as he replaced Jalen Hurts in the second half 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship and led Alabama to a comeback victory.

Tua threw three touchdown passes and was named the game’s Offensive MVP. He took over as the face of the franchise for Alabama, but due to injuries he never realized his full potential.

Now Tua will turn his attention to the next level, as he is projected to be a top draft pick in the NFL. Hopefully he can prove to be more healthy in the NFL than he was able to be in college.

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