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Philadelphia​ Eagles’ Fletcher Cox Defends Home With Shotgun




On most Sundays, Philadelphia Eagles Star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox tries to breakthrough offensive lines looking to protect their quarterback. 

However, last week, it would be Cox who had to protect his own home from a very different type of intruder.

According to WPVI-TV, suspect Corbyn Nyemah appeared at Cox’s New Jersey home looking for his ex-girlfriend, an unnamed woman that Cox is currently dating. 

Nyemah came to the property armed with a baseball bat and circled the premises, and unsuccessfully attempted to break into the home through the garage and by throwing rocks at the front door.

 Nyemah would also damage the woman’s car.

Cox then armed himself with a shotgun, forcing Nyemah to flee in his SUV. The police pursued Nyemah, and after being identified, he was detained by U.S Marshalls.

Nyemah later posted bail and is expected to be in court for the incident later this month.

Eagles head coach Doug Peterson provided additional comments on Cox’s situation.

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Thanksgiving and Football




I know our menu, annually, like the back of my hand. There are more side dishes than there are people, enough dessert alone to feed a family of four, and the whole day surrounds large fowl being the second most carved up thing that day, only out gashed by the Dallas Cowboys secondary.

I also know the day’s schedule, annually, without having to speak with anyone about it. After claiming “we’ll run it this year,” we walk a long Turkey Trot, come home, sit around with coffee and kolaches. As we catch up with the folks who stayed home, we hear a lot about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, and watch a bad Detroit team get beat down by half. When that game is officially only interesting enough to be background noise, we eat. With our dessert, we drink more coffee to fight off the tryptophan and hope that the Cowboys keep our spirits high. Usually they don’t, so we replenish those spirits with liquid ones as we watch the night game… What used to be a night of college football rivalries in the cold has shifted to NFL Network and a warm fireplace.

For whatever reason, Turkey Day and the pigskin have become emphatically linked as two uniquely American traditions. That’s not to say other countries don’t do Thanksgiving, or that they don’t have some form of football or a game they treat like it…. But the particular connection is distinctive to the 50 states. Families in every region, state, city, and neighborhood do the day differently, but everyone is also doing things more or less the same. I may enjoy my dark meat Turkey off of the Turkey leg, my neighbor may enjoy a deep fried Turkey breast. I call it dressing, my college teammate from across the country called it stuffing. I cheer for the Cowboys, much of America has a better holiday when they lose… While we may differ in the minutiae, the Sparknotes version of thanksgiving frequently reads the same

So what is the connection to football? Why are there countless college rivalry games the week of Thanksgiving? Why do we slot three pro games on Thanksgiving day? In giving thanks, we ought to be spending time together, enjoying each other, but most families have chosen to do that at, while watching, or while discussing football for what feels like generations. Why is that?

In part, football is a great game for conversation. Structurally, there’s roughly six seconds of action a minute. You can chat for the other :54 without missing much. Thus, when that one Aunt is talking your ear off about how ya just need to meet her young coworker, you don’t miss the action while politely keeping up.

Football is also a weird combination of super easy to understand and super complex. The goal is to move the ball, as a team, into the end zone. You can run it or pass it, and the defense tries to tackle you to the ground and keep you from doing so. This fight for territory is split into 10 yard chunks you need to get at least every four plays before turning it over. That all seems simple, but there are plays every week where veteran NFL officiating crews debate for hours what is or isn’t a catch. So sure, anyone can understand the marching of a football team… But you can also get lost in debating the details. “Do you think he got the first down?” can easily spark a conversation in a quiet room of awkward relatives.

What ties the game of football to Thanksgiving day may be its connection to the fall. The start of school, the cooling of the temperature, and the kick off for everyone’s favorite football team all mark the beginning of autumn. Thanksgiving marks the transition from fall to winter. As the orange and red leaves have all fallen and winter snow is starting, these important rivalry games and traditional games can wrap up the season and shape its memory.

The ties between football in America and Thanksgiving seems both odd and inseparable. But, it may perhaps be a perfect match. What better game to sit and slip into a food induced coma than football? What better game to have playing next to the fireplace than football? We can dissect Christmas and basketball at a later date… but for now, while we give thanks, let’s watch a few kickoffs, touchdowns, and see what happens.  

Let the spirits flow, both into glasses and in orchestrated yells. Are you ready for some football?

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Barack Obama is in Elite Company When Looking Back at the History of Sports



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Barack Obama is an important figure in American history in many different senses. Like all presidents of the United States of America, Obama changed the course of history for this nation with his time in office.

Unlike most presidents, Obama’s election was one of the most significant moments in American history, as he broke the ultimate color barrier by being the first African American to be named our president.

In doing so, Obama also became the 44th president in American history. As the New York Daily News pointed out in a gallery post last week. Obama is just one of many famous 44s in U.S. history, especially when looking at the number in the context of sports.

In honor of the 44th president, let’s take a look back at the history of sports and which athletes turned in the greatest careers wearing the No. 44.

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NBA City Jerseys on Sale Today




One of the more notable things Nike has done as a partner with the NBA, this time around, has been the NBA City Jersey concepts. Nike, in conjunction with the NBA, has aimed to make jerseys and uniforms that play on the themes of the cities the teams represents.

Wednesday, November 27th, (just in time for Black Friday shopping) Nike and the NBA are putting these online for all of us to purchase as we peruse and shop for the end of year Holidays.

Truthfully, each uniform offers some insight into the culture of the city or town and promotes a cool connection between players and the fans. Some of the uniforms really hit the mark… Others not so much.  

Here’s a quick breakdown on each team’s “city” themed look… We’ll leave whether or not they’re a hit or a miss to you.

Atlanta Hawks: Peachtree

Thankfully, Atlanta found a way to represent the Peach State without just having a peach colored uniform.

Boston Celtics: Luck of the Irish

It’s hard to imagine Boston in new threads, but it’s not hard to imagine the Celtics wearing gold trim and Gaelic fonts. Whether the gold represents luck, a leprechaun’s coins, or the Larry O’Brien trophy, it is bright and bold on the Celtic green.

Brooklyn Nets: Bed-Stuy Bullies

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homage to the illest 📸

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While the nets don’t actually play in Bed-Stuy, the uniform is sure to sell out between the neighborhood inscription in graffiti-esque font. Add in the Coogi sweater trim, and the borough is well represented.

Charlotte Hornets: Rebel Wear

Few probably know, the nickname “Hornets” actually ties to a Revolutionary War era nickname. The city was labeled a “hornets nest of rebellion” and a couple hundred years later Grandma-ma jumpstarted a similarly named franchise. In 2019, while they lack a Larry Johnson like star, the Hornets don grey City Edition threads in an effort to tie themselves back to the rebellious spirit.

Chicago Bulls: A City on the North Coast

Chicago plays off of the state flag’s colors here, throwing it to the baby blue seen on Chicagoan flags all across the Windy City. The bright colors are important reminders of the city, with enough red trim to entice a bull. Further, the blue is reminiscent of the beach on Lake Michigan, which may be important as Bulls fans navigate a spring after a long Bulls’ season.

Cleveland Cavaliers: A Journey Through Better Days

Whether you call it LeBron’s throwback or Mark Price and Craig Ehlo’s original, this Cleveland uniform is a clear tie to a history of Cavalier basketball. But, when trying to decide which throwback to go with… Cleveland simply went with the “why choose one?” approach.

Dallas Mavericks: A Fresh Look for a Young Prince

Dallas has several artistically inclined districts, from Deep Ellum to Bishop Arts. These Uniforms incorporate the blues and greens of the skyline and fonts from the southern half of the city’s artistry. The Mavs used their City Edition jerseys to tap into a part of Dallas that the Mavs organization hasn’t done often, and may be a way to pull young fans from across the DFW into the AAC. Or… It may look like a Nickelodeon basketball team, a la Fresh Prince, for their young child-like superstar Luka. Either way, a very new look in North Texas.  

Denver Nuggets: The Mile High City

Modern enough to represent a 2019 idea of “Mile High,” retro enough to represent the Mutumbo version of “Mile High.” Homage to the past with a sleek modern take is as strong as it gets.

Detroit Pistons: Racing Stripes in Motor City

Detroit’s automotive industry makes for fun detailing, and the history of the Motor City offers lots of material to use in support. This year’s City Edition uniform uses that background as it incorporates red and blue striping, a la race cares, up and down the chest.  

Golden State Warriors: Homage to the former Home

Warriors fans may want to remember the We Believe Warriors and the Splash Brothers this year, and what better way than to remember the franchise’s previous home? The Town and the Oakland Tree are historically always going to be tied to the Warriors’ glory days… As far away as they may seem, they really did just happen.  

Houston Rockets: Houston, is there a Problem?

While they are dramatically different from the Astroworld image that musician Travis Scott has painted, or the throwed culture that hip hop artists of the 2000’s described, the H-Town City Edition jerseys pay tribute to the Nasa headquarters, all the way down to the trim and font selections. The “rocket” going up the side and the space suit white backdrop paint a clear picture for Space City.

Indiana Pacers: Raising Checkered Flags

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built ④ speed

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The Hoosier State knows one thing: the checkered flag means we’re pushing to the end. This year’s Pacer’s City Edition uniform is complete with a team colored checkering down the side, tying the franchise to the historic ties to auto racing.  

LA Clippers: For the City

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Kawhi in crunch time.

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For a team trying to do LA in a new way, going with the Olde English font certainly ties to a 40+ year culture in the City of Angels. While it reminds of fictional videogame city San Andreas, the simplicity does a great job of playing off of the franchises newest superstars.

LA Lakers: Center of Attention

As they did last summer, the LA Lakers are famous for bringing in post players. In this City Edition uniform, the Lake Show ties the jersey elements of several historic Laker big men together. While it ties very closely to the franchise, it is a city edition jersey. But perhaps it’s just that hard to have LA without the Lakers.  

Memphis Grizzlies: Vancouver’s Finest

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This Saturday…

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Memphis bucked the system, and went retro in their uniforms. The Grizzlies brought back an iconic 90’s era uniform, from the teal to the trim. Odd enough, the uniforms even say “Vancouver” above the team name…. Though, to be fair, a Grizzly makes way more sense in The ‘Couve than in the home of the Blues.

Miami Heat: Vice City

Similar to a year ago, but this time in a blue that represents the water present throughout the South Beach lifestyle.

Milwaukee Bucks: CREAM City

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It’s back!! #CreamCity

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It’s not because Wu-Tang once said Cash Rules Everything Around Me, but the Cream City does tie itself to stacking bricks… bricks like the ones that make up the city of Milwaukee. While folks who have never been to Wisconsin may not see it, the tie to the distinct architecture is something Milwaukeeans can connect with.

Minnesota Timberwolves: Twin Cities

Minnesota connects itself to the airport MSP not because it is a flyover state, but not not because it’s a fly through state. Minneapolis – St. Paul represent the bulk of people in the region, and the MSP design here clearly resonates with that large section of their fanbase.

New Orleans Pelicans: Men of Mardi Gras

While this one seems easy, it’s hard to imagine New Orleans not tying itself to Creole culture and Mardi Gras. Purple, green, and gold are as iconic as the beignets and Jazz music. This uniform was easy enough to design, because it’s that connected to the cty.

New York Knicks: Back to the Glory Days

The Knickerbockers, one of the earliest professional basketball franchises, were famous for their orange and blue striping. Clearly, the Knicks want to remind the fans of the olden days… For whatever reason they’d want to ignore the present, I don’t know…

Oklahoma City Thunder: Remembering the Past

Before the Sonics moved to OKC, one of the only images people had of the city was the Oklahoma City bombing. It’s hard to adequately cover a tragedy in a uniform, but the Thunder did a great job here. Symbolizing the building itself the first responders, and the hope of Oklahomans… OKC really did a great job representing their communities unfortunate past here.

Orlando Magic: Orange Ya Glad it’s Not a Disney Play

Orlando has been forever linked to Mickey Mouse, even to the extent that Disney is their official jersey sponsor. But, on this year’s City Edition uniform, the Magic are playing off of the state’s biggest export: oranges. In a sleek black uniform, the vibrant orange trim may not make you thirsty for some orange juice… but you will certainly notice the bright orange color if nothing else.

Philadelphia: A Declaration

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threads. 🧵

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The Sixers went to the nation’s history to inspire a parchment colored, script accented, jersey. From the Liberty Bell to the Road to Revolution, the Minute Men would be proud.

Phoenix Suns: Back in Black

Phoenix went with a familiar “Los Suns” motif (why isn’t it “Los Soles?”), but this time in a back colorway that reminds fans of the Charles Barkley days.

Portland Trailblazers: Rippin’ off History

Almost a throwback to the Bill Walton days… The franchise and city’s nickname flies across the chest of this old school inspired uniform.

Sacramento Kings: Red is for Royalty

Retro colors, throwback fonts, and modern nicknames… Sacramento went with a very all-encompassing look with their City Edition. Sacramento utilizes a color previously only used in trims and, in an effort to pay attention to detail, reminds everyone that red can be royal.

San Antonio Spurs: Don’t Break Tradition

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Final. #GoSpursGo

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San Antonio is widely known for the River Walk, the Alamo, and the Spurs… but the San Antonio City Edition jersey plays off a different motif of the Mission City. San Antonio is home to one of the largest concentration of military bases, and thus the Spurs went with a digi-camo black and grey version on their uniform. Or at least we were told they did. As it’s camouflage, we really can’t see it. But we take their word for it.

Toronto Raptors: Ontario’s Very Own

Drake went with more of a script on this one, but the gold vibrantly pops off the front and back. The fonts on this OVO uniform tie to the Vince Carter and Tracey McGrady Raptors, while the colorway is undeniably connected to Drizzy.

Uttah Jazz: Can’t Change a Sunset

This one feels like cheating. As unique as a Salt Lake sunset can be… repeating a uniform is odd, when you could sell a lot more by tweaking it and calling it “new.”

Washington Wizards: Capital Vibes

Pretty simple concept for the nation’s capital. Stars on the top, stripes on the bottom, the District’s flag at the belt line, and a simple “dc”  logo at the chest. Fairly self explanatory. Though it lacks the patriotic zeal of some fraternity outfits on the Fourth of July, it does have clear American intentions.

So… Which was well done? Which came off well? Moreover, after going on sale today… which one will get sold the most?

We’ll check back in a few months to see how they sold, and what ideas / takes were well received. In the meantime… let us know how your team did (or, more fun… how poorly the team you hate did).

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