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Rapper Young Bugatti Tours Al Harrington’s L.A. Dispensary, And It’s Fresh, There’s Even A Recording Studio!




Former NBA star Al Harrington has been well on his way to creating a marijuana empire with his L.A. dispensary Viola. He gave rapper Young Bugatti a private tour and all we can say is it’s F.R.E.S.H.! It’s probably one of the best dispensaries, hand down.

In fact, we followed Young Bugatti, who is right off the success of his hit “Alright,” on his excursion to Viola and it’s a place like no other. From the moment you walk into the door, you can see the detail and care that was taken to create an experience the moment you pull up. It’s a place you’ll want to kick it at all day.

When Young Bugatti rolled up to the spot, you can see the respect he instantly gives it. From being greeted at the door to taking a walk down its halls, the place is insane.

In Young Bugatti’s own words,

This sh*t hooked up. I ain’t gone even front.

There’s top notch product, a lounge, flat screen TVs, and even some extra curricular activities you can partake in the back. From ping pong to recording a studio album, Viola has everything. It’s visually stunning and it doesn’t feel like a dispensary, it’s an experience.

To see what Viola has to offer, watch Young Bugatti’s private tour below. It won’t disappoint.

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College Football

Tim Tebow Passionately Argues Against College Athletes Getting Paid




Tim Tebow is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of college football. Tebow won two BCS National Championships while at the University of Florida and also took home the Heisman in 2007.

He was arguably the most popular college player that we have seen over the last few decades, becoming a cult sensation around the world. During his time in college, Tebow did not make a dime off of his success.

Still, Tebow would not do anything differently as he expressed his great disdain for the idea of athletes getting paid after a law in California was passed to allow athletes to make money of endorsements.

Tebow’s statements have sparked great discussion and debate, as many people have different viewpoints on this issue. Some agree with Tebow that a free education is more than worth playing college sports and that paying players would ruin the “pureness” of the college game.

Others see that the industry that is the NCAA has been making a fortune off the backs of athletes, who aren’t being compensated for the value they are bringing to the table.

While it is nice in theory to expect the traditions of college sports to endure over time, as they have since their inception, it seems like it is time to evolve.

When college sports started, they were not making the NCAA all of the money that we see today, when college football is arguable the second-most popular sport in America to the NFL.

There are players that come into college after being in dire circumstances throughout their lives, with sports being their only ticket out.

To not allow those athletes to see a payday in college, especially in football when they are putting their lives and health on the line, is just unfair.

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The Case for Antonio Brown




Many watched the Sunday Night Football game this weekend, and thus got to see the New England Patriots demolish the Pittsburgh Steelers and couldn’t do anything more than sigh. The Patriots received Super Bowl rings and celebrated their championship to start the game, and by the end may wondered if we ought to just start preparing the next championship ceremony. While Pittsburgh played without the deep threat they’ve had for several years now, the former Steeler Antonio Brown watched his new team, the New England Patriots, from afar. The Pats didn’t need Brown to dismantle his old team, and they didn’t need him a year ago to win a Super Bowl.

But, Brown may need them. And now, after wanting it for a while, he’s got them.

Last winter, when Antonio Brown skipped out on the Pittsburgh Steelers final game, he knew he wanted to be in perennial Super Bowl contender New England. As he was getting in arguments with the Steelers’ offensive coaching staff, throwing furniture from his Pittsburgh apartment, and getting pulled over going over 100 mph, Brown was fuming more and more about the lack of guaranteed money he was receiving for leading the receptions, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns in multiple seasons. Brown wanted to be used, as a wideout, in a way that maximized his abilities, and compensated accordingly.

What is wild about what happened to Antonio Brown in 2019 is that arguing with Steeler quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, skipping practice, getting benched for week 17, and thus not being at the game wouldn’t even be the craziest week of that calendar year for Brown. In his last week with the Oakland Raiders, Brown argued with the team GM Mike Mayock, been asked to not come to practice, then received a fine that voided his guaranteed contract’s money, then asked publicly to be released, and then finally was.

Steve Jobs famously said “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” While he’s not changing the world, or at least not yet, the same clearly still applies to Antonio Brown: the only guy crazy enough to think he can do whatever he wants and getting what he wants is the only guy doing whatever he wants and getting what he wants.

Conspiracy theorists already claim that Brown has been plotting this since the end of his time in Pittsburgh, when the Steelers refused to send him to New England. The Patriots reportedly offered a first round pick, more than they ever give away, for Antonio Brown at the beginning of the off season, but Pittsburgh didn’t want to send him to a competitive rival. Now, he’s in New England as a free agent, after more or less just a few workouts with the Raiders in Oakland.

Brown appears to be making notably less in New England than he was planning on making in the Bay Area on the surface. Oakland was willing, and able, to make him the highest paid wide receiver in the league. New England is, following a $9 Million signing bonus, offering him half of the pay for this season. But, as reported late yesterday, Brown also has a stipulation in his contract for next season. In the 2020-21 season, Brown can make up to $20 Million, more than any wide receiver in the league. Thus, Brown can still be one of the highest paid non-quarterbacks in the NFL.

Many have spent the last nine months calling Antonio Brown various names. “Crazy,” a “loon,” “selfish, and “not worth it” all sit next to Antonio Brown’s name in a twitter search…

… But also, may not be accurate. Or even close.

Brown wanted to make the most money as a wide receiver somewhere he can compete for a Super Bowl championship. The only player making more money in the 2020-21 season will be Julio Jones at $22 Million, and he is on the reigning Super Bowl Champion. Further, Brown will be in an offense where the reigning Super Bowl MVP is the third most dangerous receiver on the field. He has, through different means than anyone before him, gotten exactly what he wants. And, when successful, that’s not crazy. That’s genius.

Sure, you may call Brown crazy, but he has successfully found is way to the exact situation he wanted back in early January of 2019. After the frostbitten feet, the helmet proceeding’s, and “crackergate,” Brown’s Vegas odds to be the Super Bowl MVP are as high as they’ve ever been. He has NFL fans debating if Brady can beat his 2007 season statistics, and if adding Brown and Josh Gordon (who returns to the Pats this year after taking time away to address his mental health). Again, when the person in question is as successful as Brown is, that’s not crazy. It’s genius.

Antonio Brown’s past involves teenage homelessness, bouncing around Miami while being a prep star in high school, having to walk on to the Central Michigan football team after a year at North Carolina Tech Prep, transitioning to wideout from quarterback in high school, and being a sixth round pick in the NFL Draft. In his rookie season, Brown’s coming out party was in the Steelers AFC championship win, where he had a season high 75 yards. The following season, he was listed as the Steelers’ third wide receiver. By his third year, Brown signed a five year, $42.5 Million extension, and was telling people that he was “the franchise.”

Now, while he will never be “the franchise” in New England, he is the guy that has everyone in the NFL in calamity. Fan bases all over the league, even who had no realistic shot at a Super Bowl, are flying to twitter to talk about how unfair it is that Brown is a Pat.

Nevermind that the Baltimore Ravens scored over fifty points, or that the new offense in Dallas torched a division rival, or that Kansas City’s offense scorched the Jacksonville defense without Tyreek Hill, or that Tennessee lit up the beloved new look Browns. All focus has been on Antonio Brown since he posted his blistered feet on Instagram, before he’s even set those feet on an NFL game field this season.

He may never be “the franchise” in New England…. But, he’s gotten what he wants. He is “the league.”

Or, at least, he is always “the story” in “the league.” And if that’s what he wants, then he’s done it perfectly. That’s not crazy. That’s genius.

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Dallas: Ready to Play Week 1, Without Zeke




In the eyes of many in Dallas, and Cabo perhaps, it’s official:

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing for a Week One match up with the New York Giants as if they will not have Ezekiel Elliot, officially marking the beginning of his regular season hold out. Zeke, who is set to make over $12M over the next two years of his deal, wants an extension that makes him one of the NFL’s highest paid running backs, per reports.

“I’m operating as though right now he’s going to miss regular season games,” Jerry Jones, owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, said via The Athletic’s Jon Machota. “My entire expectation for what we’re putting together as a team right now would anticipate with him holding out … that he’s going to miss games. I just accept that.”

 Elliot has, in the three seasons he’s been a part of the Dallas Cowboys, led the NFL in rushing attempts and yardage twice. In that season he did not, Elliot missed six games because he was suspended for a string of off the field incidents, including domestic violence allegations.

Jones stuck by Elliot throughout the process of that suspension, and advocated for his player then. Now, when Elliot is asking for a bigger piece of the pie, Jones seems to have a different view of the importance of his running back.

“Zeke is an outstanding player, and arguably right there with our best players. But no one gives up in any way, especially with the talented group that we have,” Jones said, again via Machota. “Most of these teams win Super Bowls without rushing champions. Secondly, we’ve had [Elliott] going on three or four years and we haven’t won it yet.”

The Dallas Cowboys open the season at home against the New York Giants on September 8th. The ‘Boys offense relied heavily on Elliot when he was available, and dropped off dramatically during his suspension in 2017. Meanwhile, New York has their own young up and coming running back, Saquon Barkley. While the two are never on the field at the same time, the running back battle was certainly a big reason their opening week game was in the prime TV slot.  

In looking at other running backs, we begin to see the larger problem the league is facing. The best years for most NFL running backs are their first few seasons Typically, under the rookie wages, young running backs are not paid as well as their older counterparts. But, running backs in their second and third contract are, on average, noticeably “past their prime,” statistically. Thus teams don’t want to pay them either. Le’Veon Bell sat out the 2018 season over his contract extension, and Melvin Gordon is also currently missing team activities seeking his own pay raise.

Elliot is far from an average back in most ways. But, one of the ways he has continued to excel has been because of how many carries he shoulders in a given week, and therefore season. The Cowboys may be smart to not want to invest long term in a running back with 868 rushing attempts and 135 catches. They also, in the short term, will be in a lot of trouble if their offense regresses to the numbers they put up during his 2017 suspension because of the dispute. His production is, simply put, not something some single person can just come in and replace.

This trend may lead to more contractual issues between the Player’s Union and the NFL. But currently, with eyes scanning from Dallas to Cabo, America’s team prepares to be a man down for their home opener.

How will the city and fan base respond? Do they side with the star Ezekiel Elliot or The Star on the side of Cowboy helmets?

Luckily, the kickoff is just around the corner.

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