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Simone Biles is building a Legacy with another masterful Performance.




Simone Biles is heading home with a fistful of gold medals.

The American star won the floor exercise at the world gymnastics championships Saturday and added a bronze on balance beam to wrap up a remarkable meet in which she competed while battling a kidney stone.

The Olympic champion won six medals in all at the Aspire Dome, including gold in the team final, the all-around and the vault to go with the bronze on beam as well as a silver medal on uneven bars.

Biles now has 20 career world championships medals, tied with Svetlana Khorkina of Russia for the most by a female gymnast.

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Why Hockey Jerseys Need to Be Apart of Your Wardrobe




Hockey is a fast-paced game filled with incredible skating and stick skills, big hits, and widely accepted mid-game brawls. With die-hard fans and over 100 years of tradition, there’s little to not love about the Canadian-based sport.

Yet, there is one particular aspect of the sport that needs to demand more of your attention: their jerseys.

Whether you’re going out with your friends, attending a sporting event, or just looking to wear something comfy around the house, there’s no shortage of occasions to wear a hockey jersey.

Athletes, celebrities, and fashion outlets like fashion icon Rihanna, NBA player Mike Scott, and famous brand Hypebeast have started to add hockey jerseys in their wardrobes, and there’s plenty of good reason why.

Hockey jerseys allow the most creative freedom of all major sports uniforms with their massive logos, long sleeves, and uniform design. With a nearly unlimited amount of combinations, there is always a jersey perfect for your next big fashion statement.

In addition, the physical structure and compatibility of hockey jerseys make them far superior to the jerseys of other major profession sports.

Since the creation of the NHL, teams have put their logos on the front of their jerseys with the numbers only seen on sleeves and the back. The number placement is a massive benefit fashion-wise, as it better expresses the great colors and patterns of the logo on the front and provides a more complete look than other jerseys.

Hockey jerseys also have the flexibility to be worn in a multitude of ways. Whether it is worn straight up or with a hoodie, there is an excellent balance of it being a warmer, comfortable shirt while still providing the same qualities of a vibrant sweater.

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However, even with all of their great qualities, hockey jerseys are still underutilized. Hopefully, that trend soon begins to change, as fashion overall would greatly benefit from its further integration.

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NCAA To Allow Players To Be Paid For Names, Image, And Likeness




For years, many members of the public have fought for collegiate athletes to get paid for programs using their names and likeness.

Now, that wish is on its way to becoming a reality.

On Tuesday, the NCAA unanimously voted to allow it’s student-athletes to profit off their names, image, and likeness.

While the NCAA first has to create new policies and regulations around the rule change before allowing players to be compensated, the vote is a massive first step to pay college athletes.

With the NCAA making over $1 billion in revenue, the rule change has been a long time coming. However, the NCAA still has a ways to go before student-athletes will be paid, as they want to ensure that players will still be treated the same as non-athlete students, and not like an employee for the universities.

In a statement released by the NCAA, NCAA President Mark Emmert said: “The board’s action today creates a path to enhance opportunities for student-athletes while ensuring they compete against students and not professionals.”

The movement to pay student-athletes has garnered a lot of momentum in the past months. Recently, NBA All-Star Lebron James had California Governor Gavin Newsom as a guest on his talk show “The Shop,” where Newsom signed a bill into law that stopped colleges from banning player compensation and allowed college athletes to sign agents.

Various other states, including Florida and New York, introduced a similar bill into their governments, and U.S. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio) has decided to propose a similar law to congress.

Politicians and athletes alike rejoiced over the announcement, and video game enthusiasts are already hoping EA Sports will bring back their ever-popular NCAA games.

Once the new rule change is fully integrated, player compensation will change the dynamic college sports forever, and hopefully, for the better.

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Philadelphia​ Eagles’ Fletcher Cox Defends Home With Shotgun




On most Sundays, Philadelphia Eagles Star defensive tackle Fletcher Cox tries to breakthrough offensive lines looking to protect their quarterback. 

However, last week, it would be Cox who had to protect his own home from a very different type of intruder.

According to WPVI-TV, suspect Corbyn Nyemah appeared at Cox’s New Jersey home looking for his ex-girlfriend, an unnamed woman that Cox is currently dating. 

Nyemah came to the property armed with a baseball bat and circled the premises, and unsuccessfully attempted to break into the home through the garage and by throwing rocks at the front door.

 Nyemah would also damage the woman’s car.

Cox then armed himself with a shotgun, forcing Nyemah to flee in his SUV. The police pursued Nyemah, and after being identified, he was detained by U.S Marshalls.

Nyemah later posted bail and is expected to be in court for the incident later this month.

Eagles head coach Doug Peterson provided additional comments on Cox’s situation.

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