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Snoop Dogg Unapologetic in Kansas Concert Scandal




On October 4th, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg performed at Kansas’ Late Night at the Phog, a kickoff event for their Men and Women’s basketball teams. However, his concert did not come without backlash.

In front of what was supposed to be a family-friendly audience, Snoop Dogg cut no profanity from his lyrics, brought out a woman on a stripper pole, and shot fake $100 bills into the crowd with a money gun.

Naturally, the university was less than pleased with the concert. Kansas athletics director Jeff Long claimed they “expected a clean version of the show” after discussions with Snoop Dogg’s management before the performance. Long extended a “personal apology to those of were offended.”

Kansas Men’s basketball head coach Bill Self also voiced his displeasure with Snoop Dogg’s performance.

However, Snoop Dogg claimed he had “the time on his life” on ‘The Howard Stern Show’ Tuesday, and is anything but apologetic.

Snoop Dogg went on to say that the crowd loved the show, and the university should know better, as “When you pay for Snoop Dogg, you’re going to get Snoop Dogg.” Snoop also denied the report that he was forced to leave campus immediately after the show.

Meanwhile, raunchy concert only distracts from the real controversy Kansas athletics is facing. Recently, the university was charged with five Level I and two Level II violations from the NCAA, including “Lack of institutional control.” The allegations targets both the Football and Men’s basketball programs.

While Kansas has good reason to be upset over Snoop Dogg’s performance, the university should worry more about cleaning up their athletics than censoring their performers.


Joel Embiid ‘More Likely’ to Be Traded this Offseason Over Ben Simmons




The Philadelphia 76ers have been the poster child for inconsistency this season, as they have been one of the more underwhelming teams in the NBA.

Many projected the Sixers to be the best team in the Eastern Conference, outside of maybe the Milwaukee Bucks. Yet despite an incredible 25-2 home record, Philadelphia sits with the fifth seed and a 34-21 record.

The Sixers have been bad on the road (9-19), and have often looked like a team where the pieces don’t fit together.

This is has led some to question whether it’s feasible to keep Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons together long-term.

History tends to repeat itself and this is starting to feel a little like the Kobe and Shaq dispute of the past with the Los Angeles Lakers. The difference is that Kobe and Shaq were actually a perfect match on the court and three-time champions.

Unlike those Lakers, these Sixers have not lived up to the billing that “The Process” once promised. They have only won two playoff series together and have yet to make it out of the second round.

If the Sixers don’t find more playoff success this year, being bounced before the Conference Finals again, there is a chance that this team moves in a different direction.

In a recent article by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, executives around the league were asked about the status of certain league stars and their futures with their respective teams.

When asked what would happen if the Sixers can’t figure this out, executives predicted that Embiid could be the player sent to another team.

We are just a week removed from Embiid openly flirting with the idea of joining Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat.

While Embiid’s interest in moving on may factor into this equation, Philadelphia is not going to just trade him where he wants.

The idea in moving one of their two stars is less about their fit together, then it is about addressing the supporting cast around them.

Choosing Tobias Harris and Al Horford over making sure they kept Butler looks to be a huge mistake, as the team lacks playmaking on the perimeter.

Since teams are not likely to take on either Harris or Horford’s contracts, the Sixers may need to trade one of their two stars as the only way to address their roster.

If the Sixers made a deal with Miami for example, they likely wouldn’t be able to pry either of their two All-Stars, but they could add some young talent that would fit well around Simmons.

A deal centered around the rookie backcourt of Tyler Herro and Kendrick Nunn, along with the sharpshooter Duncan Robinson could pique Philly’s interest.

Especially with the salary and leadership of Andre Iguodala being included to make the deal work.

That trade would add three quality three-point shooters around Simmons, all of which being on affordable rookie-scale contracts.

There is no question that if the Sixers made that trade, they would be far better suited to maximize Simmons skillset and make a run in the Eastern Conference.

Now that is just one offer that could be on the table. With a weak free agent class this summer, there is no telling how many teams would enter the bidding for Joel Embiid if the Sixers made him available.

At the same time, Philadelphia would be trading the one player who most epitomized “The Process” that was supposed to turn them around in the first place.

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Executives Believe Giannis Will Sign Super-Max to Remain with the Bucks




When Giannis Antetokounmpo becomes a free agent after the 2020-21 season, he will officially be the best player to hit the open market since LeBron James back in 2010.

Antetokounmpo could be coming off two or three MVP seasons in a row at that point and will only be 26 years old.

While there is already teams cleaning up their books and getting ready to make Giannis their pitch in free agency, there may be a chance that he never actually hits the market.

In a recent article by ESPN’s Tim Bontemps, executives around the league were asked about the status of certain league stars and their futures with their respective teams.

When asking about Giannis, Bontemps cites a growing belief among executives that he will sign the super-max contract extension after this season and remain in Milwaukee.

If the Bucks were to win the NBA Finals this year, that is certainly a distinct possibility, as the honeymoon period would be a great time to get him to sign on the dotted line.

After beating the Detroit Pistons on Thursday night, the Bucks advanced to a league-best 47-8 on the season.

At some point over their final 27 games, Milwaukee will likely clinch the top seed in the East and Giannis will put the finishing touches on another MVP campaign.

In the playoffs, the Bucks are the presumptive favorites to at least make it out of the Eastern Conference.

But if the Bucks are upset be another team in the East for the second-straight year, Giannis’ future could be in question once again, as the pressure to win his first title may keep him from committing to Milwaukee.

After watching the dominoes unfold from last year’s postseason, and the effect it had on the offseason, there is no guarantees in the NBA.

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Andre Drummond Believes Situation is Worse in Cleveland Than it Was in Detroit




If you asked Andre Drummond where he would be playing to finish this season, the Cleveland Cavaliers would probably be pretty far down on his list.

Drummond was likely expecting to either finish the season with the Detroit Pistons or be traded to a contender that could use his services for a playoff push before he had the option to test free agency.

Then the trade deadline comes and Drummond was not only traded to a team worse than the one he was on, but also traded for only a second-round pick.

Publicly Drummond has said all the right things when it comes to his ‘excitement’ to play in Cleveland and is selling the idea of a brighter future with him helping the Cavaliers young core reach their potential.

Drummond may be personally motivated to make this situation work in Cleveland, as they could sign him to a massive contract extension this offseason.

There is also the matter of his player option next season that is worth $29 million. Drummond likely won’t receive that large of an annual salary on the open market, which may lead him to pick up the option.

While Drummond may be financially motivated to stick around, his confidence in the organization as a whole is very shaky.

Cavaliers head coach John Beilein just stepped down from his position with the team, forcing JB Bickerstaff into the role of interim coach.

Drummond was reportedly not a fan of Beilein in his short tenure with the team, which may have factored in to his decision to step away.

In the article by the Athletic, Drummond is reported to have said that the situation in Cleveland was “worse than Detroit”, where they haven’t won a playoff series in over a decade.

Drummond is hoping that a coaching change will fix the culture in Cleveland, but as the article suggests, the problems go far deeper than the coach with the Cavaliers.

Cleveland is now on their fourth head coach in the past two years, as no one has been able to make it a full season after LeBron James left to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Unless one of the Cavaliers young guards takes a massive leap next year, or they win the lottery and find another LeBron, Drummond may be better off renting in Cleveland.

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