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VIDEO: Woman Drills Cameraman with Worst First Pitch Ever




With the advent of social media, the ceremonial first pitch has become one of the most pressure-packed feats in all of sports.

These moments are primed for embarrassment, as the everyday person or celebrity can learn really quick that throwing a baseball is a lot harder than it looks.

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of one of the worst first pitches of all-time, when 50 Cent received the honor at a Mets game.

Well 50 has some company now, as a woman at White Sox game tried to take his mantle for the worst first pitch ever.

The best part of that video has to be the fact that she poses for the camera mere seconds before drilling that same cameraman.

It is truly amazing how we continue to push the boundary of what is bad pitch.

I would say that it won’t get any worse than this one, but you just never know when someone is going do something even more jaw-dropping when throwing out the first pitch.


Mike Trout Out for the Season with Foot Injury




Mike Trout is best player in baseball and has been ever since his first season with the Los Angeles Angels in 2012.

Despite putting up incredible numbers, Trout has only won two MVP awards. He has finished second in the MVP race four times and fourth once.

Now it appears that Trout may be destined for a similar fate this season, as a foot injury has robbed him of the final month of the season to cement his MVP case.

When Trout played his last game on September 7th, he was leading the MLB in home runs with 45. Trout is still leading the American League, although Jorge Soler has matched that total. Trout is also among the top-10 in most major offensive categories.

With that being said, players like Alex Bregman and J.D. Martinez have an extra month to pad their stats and improve their MVP cases over Trout.

Bregman is the most likely candidate to win the MVP now, as he is hitting .294/.420/.579 with 36 home runs and 104 RBIs. His OPS is the second-best mark in the AL at .999, whereas Trout is still leading with an OPS of 1.083.

Trout’s WAR or wins above replacement, is still the best in baseball at 8.3, but Bregman is just behind at 7.5 (Cody Bellinger the likely NL MVP has a 8.2 WAR).

Bregman is also the best player on the best team in baseball, as the Astros are currently tied with the New York Yankees for having the best record at 98-53. There is still a chance that Trout wins the MVP, but Bregman’s ability to play in September may make the difference.

Once the season is over, we will see if Trout once again comes up short in his pursuit of a third MVP. On the other hand, the Angels have now watched injuries derail Trout in each of the last three seasons.

They have to be slightly concerned when it comes to Trout’s injury history, as they have the superstar under contract through 2030.

Hopefully Trout can stay on the field for a full season next year, but one thing is clear. As long as he is playing, no one is better than Mike Trout.

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Reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich Out of the Season With Fractured Kneecap




There is nothing worse in sports than when an injury gets in the way of a player making history, yet that is exactly what happened Tuesday night for Christian Yelich.

Yelich, 27, is the reigning National League MVP, after winning the award last season in his first year playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. Since coming to Milwaukee, Yelich has become the face of the franchise.

Which is what made his injury all the more devastating to the Brewers, as Yelich suffered a freak injury when a foul ball broke his kneecap.

Prior to injury, Yelich was in the midst of yet another MVP campaign, as he was putting up fantastic numbers for the second year in a row.

With this meaning the end of his season, Yelich has set a ton of franchise records for the Brewers, as you can make the argument that injuries prevented him from having the greatest year in franchise history.

This injury is not only a devastating blow to Yelich and his chance to win a second-straight MVP, but it also is a huge loss in the Brewers attempt to make the playoffs.

Milwaukee is only one game out of the Wild Card race, yet without their best player, it appears less likely that they can win enough games down the stretch to win one of those coveted spots.

Yelich and his teammates were obviously crushed when they learned the severity of his injury, as he is such an integral part to everything they do.

Next year, Yelich should be back and better than ever, but losing him this way leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth around baseball.

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Los Angeles Dodgers Clinch NL West for the Seventh-Straight Season




The Los Angeles Dodgers just clinched the NL West on Tuesday night.

It is worth noting that they did so on September 10th, with nearly a month of baseball left to be played.

That is just how good the Dodgers have been this season, winning 94 games so far, as they are 18.5 games ahead of the Arizona Diamondbacks in the division.

If their record did not illustrate their dominance enough, one look at the Dodgers run differential shows you how much better they have been than the other teams in the National League this year.

The Dodgers have outscored their opponents by 237 runs so far this year, a mark that only the Houston Astros have bested thus far.

In clinching the division, the Dodgers have continued one of the best dynasties in MLB history, as they have won the NL West in each of the last seven seasons.

The only thing missing from this dynasty is a World Series title, something the Dodgers hope to correct come October.

But for a night, the Dodgers got to put their World Series woes out of their minds and just celebrate the incredible season that they have had. The only way to celebrate winning a division is to let the champagne and beer flow.

For most of the players nowadays, ski googles are worn to prevent the burning of champagne in their eyes. But if your a veteran like Clayton Kershaw, you cherish that feeling, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

With great teams like the Atlanta Braves, the Houston Astros or the New York Yankees likely standing in their path to a championship, there is no guarantee that the Dodgers win it all this year.

Still, they have proven to be one of the best teams in the game across the grueling 162-game schedule and have as good of a chance as anyone to seal the deal this season.

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