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WATCH: Adam Silver Makes Special Appearance At 2nd Annual All-Star BIG Brunch, Calls It A ‘Fantastic’ Event




The Second Annual All-Star Weekend Business Inside the Game (BIG) Brunch happened Sunday in Charlotte, NC, at Sophia’s Lounge at The Ivey’s Hotel. Athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers and more were in attendance. The topics on the table were all issues concerning the business aspect of being a player, both on and off the court.

Founder, Baron Davis, started BIG as a platform to help assist athletes, artists, entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors with insights into how business dealings work behind the scenes.

This year’s panel was filled with experts in building businesses, brands and platforms that utilize tech resources that have become more readily available — social media, branding tools, venture capital, and digital marketing. The Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver also made a special appearance and dropped some knowledge as an impromptu panelist.

Speakers among the panel included:

  • Baron Davis, Moderator, Founder of BIG
  • Noah Lichtenstein, Advisor at Teamdom
  • Robert Smith, Venture Capital Consultant
  • Chloe Pavlech, Digital Content Manager, Overtime Sports Network
  • Jon Stewart, NFL Pro Bowl Running Back
  • CJ Anderson, NFL Super Bowl Champion
  • Josh Luber, CEO, StockX
  • Chris Lyons, Chief Of Staff, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Ro Parrish, NBATV
  • Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner
  • And More!

Robert Smith, Venture Capital Consultant, said it best,

“people are stingy with the true knowledge behind the business inside the game,”

and that’s exactly why BIG was created. The conferences, brunches, experiential events and more help facilitate those conversations and lift the veil — so many more can succeed off the court.

BIG aims to help those in entertainment create wealth, understand branding and provide insight into how the business side actually works. The ultimate goal is to help athletes establish themselves entrepreneurially, even after they leave the league.

As a panelist, Noah Lichtenstein, Advisor at Teamdom, added,

“athletes and entertainers, their brands are so much more powerful than they were years ago, and that’s because of technology. You look at who’s driving culture, who’s driving the value creation for these platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, etc… Yet, these content creators are not actually seeing the value — the equity, the ownership, in what they’re helping to create value around.”

BIG works to bring awareness around these opportunities and help athletes rise out of just the influencer role and start becoming stakeholders in the value they create.

Here are some highlights from the Second Annual All-Star Weekend Business Inside The Game Brunch. Each speaker brought something different to the table. Watch for Adam Silver’s comments, insights and hard truths, as well as how NFL Super Bowl Champion CJ Anderson markets himself on and off the field to maximize his ability to monetize his brand and create value for stakeholder opportunities.

Stay tuned for more from Business Inside the Game.

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Duke Wins the ACC Tournament, Zion Takes Home MVP




Zion Williamson’s return to college basketball went about as good as anyone could have anticipated, as the phenom freshman looked explosive throughout the ACC Tournament this weekend.

Williamson absolutely dominated throughout the tournament, leading Duke to the ACC Championship.

Williamson was named the MVP of the tournament following Duke’s 73-63 victory over FSU.

Prior to beating FSU, Duke upset UNC in a thrilling game that came down to the final possession.

Now that Duke has won the ACC, they look like the clear favorites to win the NCAA Tournament and are the biggest story in the sport.

That kind of expectation could be daunting for some teams, but Duke’s star player has a concise message for their mindset going into March Madness.

Right now, it seems like nothing will get in Zion’s way from bringing a championship back to Duke. Now it is time to see if he can deliver on that promise.

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Zion Williamson Returns to Play for Duke




The biggest sensation in college basketball this year is back!

Zion Williamson was sidelined due to a freak injury after blowing out his shoes during a game last month, but has now returned to action.

Williamson’s return comes at the nick of time, as Duke is currently playing in the ACC Tournament.

Most players have some rust when returning from an injury, but that is surely not the case for Williamson as he just put up a ridiculous first half of basketball.

The NCAA Tournament begins next week and with Williamson in tow, expect Duke to be the favorite to win the tournament on most people’s brackets.

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Jeff Van Gundy Suggests That Lakers Should Trade LeBron




LeBron James may be the most powerful man in basketball, if not in all of sports.

With that being said, the idea of LeBron James being traded seems absolutely ludicrous.

Yet the former NBA head coach and current ESPN-analyst Jeff Van Gundy suggested as much during the broadcast of today’s Lakers game versus the Celtics.

First off, can the Lakers even trade LeBron?

This is the man that revolutionized player empowerment in the NBA, so the idea that someone could trade him seems like an impossible scenario.

Let’s also remember that LeBron is still really good at basketball and is currently the only thing that makes the Lakers an enticing free agent destination this summer.

Will not all hot takes are created equal, this one was clearly a swing and a miss for Van Gundy.

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