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Why Hiring A Student Athlete Is The Best HR Business Decision You’ll Ever Make




Casey Morris, former Division I college student-athlete, penned an interesting piece about lessons she learned from her experience in her own business professional career.  She feels that hiring former college student-athletes is one of the best hiring decision an organization can make.  In her experience, a good student-athlete has the following characteristics:

  • They aim to become the best contributor they can be, with a willingness to put in extra work
  • They are unselfish, meaning they will put the goals of the team ahead of their own
  • They are not afraid of being on the receiving end of constructive criticism
  • They keep a level head amidst high pressure situations — continuing to make good decisions, despite adversity
  • They are able to take leadership roles, in various forms, and apply them to any situation


Why is a student-athlete able to do all the above?  It is likely due to the requirements and deadlines they had to juggle during their collegiate athlete years.  In addition to their coursework, midterms, papers, and more, the student-athlete must also handle their strenuous workout schedules, which include 5am sessions in addition to team meetings, one-on-ones, conditioning, and actual practice, which usually runs three hours each day.  Student-athletes must tread above all these responsibilities, while performing at top performance levels on the court, field, track, or whichever sporting facility correlates with their sport — all while staying on top of their schoolwork.

The amount of time that is required to manage this type of schedule is nothing short of pure commitment.  They must improve while doing all of this.  Coaches and teammates expect each contributor to become better and better as the season and years go on — so student-athletes must become master multitaskers, as well as habitual peak performers.  Could you describe a better employee for your company?  These skills are directly transferrable to organizations in business professions.  Good former student-athletes are willing to go above and beyond, continually working to become better, while working to be incredible team members.  With the right direction, i.e. coaching, you can encourage them to do the same for your organization, too.


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3rd Annual Iverson Classic Showcases The Top Elite High School Basketball Talent In The Nation




Last week SLiC traveled to Philly for the 3rd annual Iverson Classic and watched the top high school basketball players in the nation battle against each other. 

The Iverson Classic is one of the last stops for these young men before they go to their respective colleges to compete at the next level. 

NBA legends Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson were the head coaches for Team Honor and Team Loyalty. We also had Darius Miles, Will Bynum, JR Smith and, of course, Allen Iverson in the house. 

Everyone had a great time being around the future and past generations of great basketball players. Check out this SLiC Original to see for yourself.

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WATCH: Adam Silver Makes Special Appearance At 2nd Annual All-Star BIG Brunch, Calls It A ‘Fantastic’ Event




The Second Annual All-Star Weekend Business Inside the Game (BIG) Brunch happened Sunday in Charlotte, NC, at Sophia’s Lounge at The Ivey’s Hotel. Athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers and more were in attendance. The topics on the table were all issues concerning the business aspect of being a player, both on and off the court.

Founder, Baron Davis, started BIG as a platform to help assist athletes, artists, entertainment professionals, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors with insights into how business dealings work behind the scenes.

This year’s panel was filled with experts in building businesses, brands and platforms that utilize tech resources that have become more readily available — social media, branding tools, venture capital, and digital marketing. The Commissioner of the NBA Adam Silver also made a special appearance and dropped some knowledge as an impromptu panelist.

Speakers among the panel included:

  • Baron Davis, Moderator, Founder of BIG
  • Noah Lichtenstein, Advisor at Teamdom
  • Robert Smith, Venture Capital Consultant
  • Chloe Pavlech, Digital Content Manager, Overtime Sports Network
  • Jon Stewart, NFL Pro Bowl Running Back
  • CJ Anderson, NFL Super Bowl Champion
  • Josh Luber, CEO, StockX
  • Chris Lyons, Chief Of Staff, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Ro Parrish, NBATV
  • Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner
  • And More!

Robert Smith, Venture Capital Consultant, said it best,

“people are stingy with the true knowledge behind the business inside the game,”

and that’s exactly why BIG was created. The conferences, brunches, experiential events and more help facilitate those conversations and lift the veil — so many more can succeed off the court.

BIG aims to help those in entertainment create wealth, understand branding and provide insight into how the business side actually works. The ultimate goal is to help athletes establish themselves entrepreneurially, even after they leave the league.

As a panelist, Noah Lichtenstein, Advisor at Teamdom, added,

“athletes and entertainers, their brands are so much more powerful than they were years ago, and that’s because of technology. You look at who’s driving culture, who’s driving the value creation for these platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, etc… Yet, these content creators are not actually seeing the value — the equity, the ownership, in what they’re helping to create value around.”

BIG works to bring awareness around these opportunities and help athletes rise out of just the influencer role and start becoming stakeholders in the value they create.

Here are some highlights from the Second Annual All-Star Weekend Business Inside The Game Brunch. Each speaker brought something different to the table. Watch for Adam Silver’s comments, insights and hard truths, as well as how NFL Super Bowl Champion CJ Anderson markets himself on and off the field to maximize his ability to monetize his brand and create value for stakeholder opportunities.

Stay tuned for more from Business Inside the Game.

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Top 10 Air Jordans Of All Time And Their Original Commercials



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Air Jordans are one of the most premier if not the most premier sneaker brand of all time.  The prestige, the notoriety, the history, it’s beyond any other sneaker on the planet.  The Air Jordan, originally designed exclusively for the GOAT Michael Jordan, in the early part of 1984, was released to the public later that same year.  The shoe has since become the most successful sneaker brand — working to lead the pack with every release.  It’s at the forefront of all other sneaker brands, beaming as the success model many aspire to.


Sports Illustrated recently ranked all 33 Air Jordan sneakers.  We exported the top ten and brought them here for you to judge. Plus, we added their original classic commercials.  Did they get it right?

Click next to start the gallery, ranked from 10 to 1.

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